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The bell rang at four o'clock, and most of the students rushed out as soon as possible. It was a spring Friday, so spending the afternoon in any open space would be better than staying inside that building with aseptic walls and tall, narrow corridors. Carla picked up her things calmly, completely oblivious to the real weather, and Amelia, Amy, who watched her from the last row of desks.

Carla started to walk with the bag on her shoulder, smoothing her shirt a little and then the skirt. After sitting so many hours, she was completely wrinkled. Besides, even if he had left class he had to give a right image: anyone who saw a young lady in that pleated skirt of blue and gray squares …

Most Erotic Story: Having Sex With My Best Friend's Mom

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The beginning of a beautiful fucking relationship between with mom and son. 

My name is Marta I am 42 years old, and a son who is 17, is called Mario, my life as a young man was very fast because I marry Jose at age 19 and I had Mario at 20, after some years of our marriage was becoming a hell. As we both worked and studied, because of that we almost did not see each other, and at night because of fatigue our sexual relations were declining more and more, after five years we did not have anything, and I discovered that Joseph had a mistress. 

Because of this, we separated and he faith to live with his lover, and I stayed at home with my son, who by this date was already five y…

I Enjoyed Having Sex With My Brother's Friends

Do you know how it feels to get horny with brothers and having sex with brother's friends? I'm damn sexy and always thinking about getting fucked by my brother or his friend. One day the chance has arrived. I took the full advantage of his five friends dick into my vagina.

The little girl in the house decides to make her own with her brother's friends when he has to leave for a while. And she decides to have another fun day by having hardcore sex with buddies. This sex story is based on a true history.

My name is Romina, and I am now 21 years old. This I will tell you happened 2 years ago, in my house. My brother's name is Patricio, and he was 19 years old at the time. My parents had gone on a trip to Europe, so it was just him and me in the house.
He was a student in college, he was in freshman year. One day he came with five of his classmates because they had to do a job for the faculty. When his friends came that afternoon, I watched them from a distance with curiosi…

My Wife Cheated on me But I wish to have Sex with her

I wish to fuck my cheating wife once again! Would you like to have sex with your partner if she/he cheats you? How it feels like to have a cheating wife? My wife had sex with her co-worker. She just cheated me, I never knew this before I catch them to have sex. This is not only a sex story, this is my real life tragedy about my cheating wife.

In the past few months, I found out that my wife is having an affair.  She doesn't know that I know, yet.  The guy she is doing it with is an ex of hers and she always commented on his size and how he used to fuck the shit out of her all the time.  We have sex all the time.  I don't know exactly why she is doing it, but part of me wants her to continue.  Our sex life has been on fire the past few months, since I found out that is.  She's always been very sexually demanding and has a super high sex drive.  I know she doesn't love him because she detests his personality.

I drove by his place the other night when she was supp…

Indian Lesbian Sex Story: Girls Hostel Sex India

Girls hostel in indian and having sex in indian hostel, lesbian girls are crazy for sex. This is a true story about indian lesbian women. Us din mein pehli baar is hostel me kadam rakhi thi. MUjhe ajeeb sa lag raha tha. sab mujhe yun dekh rahe the jaise kha jayenge. mujhe uparwale room mein accomodation mila tha. meri room mate thi mita. woh dekhne me bahut sundar thi. mujhe has ke swagat kiya. phir. maine apna sara saman thik thak idhar udhar kar ke rakhli. dopahar ko khane ke liye niche gayee, to hostel ke mess me saaree ladkiyan phir se mujhe aise dekh rahi thi mano main koi raj kumari hun aur sab mujhe appreciate kar rahi thi. Khane ke table par hi bahut saree ladkiyon se baate hui, sab ne mere ware mein bahut sare sawal kiya. 

Mujhe ek pal ke laga mano mein yahan baraso se hu aur yeh sare mere saheliyan hai. mere man se hostel ka bhoot dur ja raha tha. shaam ko mere kamare me usha did ayee, jo mujhse bahut badi thi. dikhne me kuchh khaas na sahi par batein itni mithe…

My First Sex Story: Sex on the dance floor

It was a cold and crisp Saturday night in my college town and I needed a release. Midterms had drained me and my potential fuck buddy had backed out leaving me sexually frustrated and ready to pounce on the next hottest stud with a devilish smile. I gathered up a couple of friends to head out to the so-called “it party” for the night and I could tell tonight would be eventful. I walked briskly with my friends, pulling my tight black skirt down as I walked and crossed my arms across my chest…trying to shield my body from the cold, my hard nipples a clear sign I wasn’t getting any warmer.

We arrived at the frat house around eleven pm and proceeded to the dance floor. I scanned the room for people I knew and suddenly came across a set of clear blue eyes, their gaze drilling into mine and sending a surge of energy through the body. I’d seen him around campus but never had the guts to approach him. 6’4, a mix of caucasian and african american, noticeably athletic and the defin…


MY WIFE BEGS ME FOR SEX, and I had to have sex with her. Yup you heard me right,my wife begs me for sex. Do you want to know why? Good, than keep reading. By the end of this article, you could be in the same situation as me. Now I am not trying to boast about being a great lover, or say that your not. I simply want to help you improve your relationship. And make the bond between you and her stronger. Wouldn’t you like to have that strong, deep connection with the one you love? I know as a man who is married,and has been with the same woman for twenty six years. That I wanted to do everything in my power to make that bond.
HAVING THAT CONNECTION: Having a connection with the one you love,goes way beyond having sex. And that strong connection,just makes the sex that much better. Now about my wife, who begs me for sex. Why does she yearn for me on a daily basis? It’s not because I am hung like a horse, or because I can last for hours. To be honest, I don’t have a big cock, or…