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It was a cold and crisp Saturday night in my college town and I needed a release. Midterms had drained me and my potential fuck buddy had backed out leaving me sexually frustrated and ready to pounce on the next hottest stud with a devilish smile. I gathered up a couple of friends to head out to the so-called “it party” for the night and I could tell tonight would be eventful. I walked briskly with my friends, pulling my tight black skirt down as I walked and crossed my arms across my chest…trying to shield my body from the cold, my hard nipples a clear sign I wasn’t getting any warmer.

We arrived at the frat house around eleven pm and proceeded to the dance floor. I scanned the room for people I knew and suddenly came across a set of clear blue eyes, their gaze drilling into mine and sending a surge of energy through the body. I’d seen him around campus but never had the guts to approach him. 6’4, a mix of caucasian and african american, noticeably athletic and the definition of my type.

I bit my lip as I returned his sly gaze and continued my path to the crowded corner of the makeshift dance floor. Spilled beer cans lay on the cement floor of the unfinished basement and created a musky scent that clouded the air. Blacklights and strobe lights pounded into the crowd as my eyes strained to see where he had disappeared to. 

My mind slowly drifted to the music as the DJ played “Get Em Girl”. My body automatically mirrored the beat as my hips swayed rapidly in perfect rhythm. This was my element. The dance floor was my playground and it brought out the demon in me. 

My ass shook unlike any other white girls could and I ran my hands down my muscular thighs, my skirt inching up with my movements. The crowd swayed with the music and a new song suddenly sent them into a frenzy, pushing me back. I staggered into a warm body and recovered myself, turning into the fabric of a grey long sleeve cotton shirt. Slowly I looked up already knowing who to expect. The clear blue eyes met mine and a smirk crossed his full lips. “You alright there?” he said coyly. “Ya you’d be surprised what I can take,” I said slyly back, hoping he caught my drift. The spark in his eyes confirmed my hopes and I felt a strong hand caress my lower back where my crop top and skirt parted. “I’m Devon,” he stated, and after introducing myself we began to match the pace of the music together, our bodies swaying as one. 

Facing one another I wrapped my arms around his neck, using the stability to rock my body into his. His hands added to the force on my pelvis which grinded into his, making me more excited with every touch. Without warning he spun me around, grabbing my arms and pinning them in front of me, our bodies still grinding into one another and his other hand grazing my hip. My arousal was growing and I craved him. I wanted more. More of his touch. My primal instincts took over and I slid down his body, grinding down and working my way back up, finally pushing my ass into his growing erection. 

I was going mad with pure desire and worked him like a stripper pole-pushing my ass into his pelvis in a form of pure lust. I couldn’t take it anymore. I spun around and looked into those clear blue eyes. His expression told me he knew what was coming next. My lips rushed to his and could not be torn away. He returned the kiss roughly and I proceeded to tug on his lower lip, driving him mad. His hand pushed my lower back into his body, not an inch of space between us. 

The large bulge of his cock pushed against my pelvis starting to make me wet. “Let’s go somewhere private,” I stuttered between gasps. Those eyes looked at me in a devilish look I craved and he abruptly grabbed my hand, tugging me through the crowd. We found our way outside the house, the brisk air making my nipples even harder. “My place okay?” he asked. 
“It better be close,” I teased with a rough passion seeping through my voice. He weaved his fingers through mine as we began to walk. 
I snuggled into his shoulder and he stopped to give me his jacket, my shivering more obvious than I thought. Within 5 minutes of small talk and walking my body could not contain itself anymore. I stopped walking and his body stuttered back in response, our hands still intertwined. “What’s wrong?” he asked confused. 

“I can’t make it to your house,” I stated, bitting my lip. His confused gaze turned to a look of passion as he understood. Without another word he pulled me into his chest, his muscles becoming rigid and his strength holding my tight. Our lips met and my hands ran wildly through his curly hair. He grazed my inner thigh with his hand, startling me. I pushed my body into his  feverishly, craving his touch. 
A wicked smile broke through his lips. The power was in his hands. “Oh, do you want that?” he stated coyly. 
“Yes, yes please,” I moaned trying to close the distance between my wet pussy and his touch. His fingers traced my inner thigh, teasing me as they slid my panties to the side. He kept his fingers still, hovering above the entrance to my pussy and my eyes darted up to his. “Mmmmm pleeeeaase,” I whined. His fingers suddenly plunged into my wet pussy sending a shiver through my body. 
As he swirled his index inside and teased my clit with his thumb I savagely kissed him, biting his lower lip hard with every moan that emitted from my mouth. I turned my attention to his zipper. 

My hands fumbling in my excitement , the streetlight creating a hazy light as I pulled out his hard cock. I looked at it lustfully and began stroking. First slowly then faster and faster until I could hear his breathing increase rapidly. He immediately pulled his fingers from under my hiked up skirt and grabbed my hands. Kissing the tops of them and then kissing my lips. He surveyed the area and lead me to a parked car outside of the glow of the streetlight. “I’m gonna fuck you hard,” he said bluntly, my eyes lighting up with passion, sending another smirk across his face. He turned me around, folding my torso over the hood of the car. He lifted my skirt, caressed my ass and gave it a nice hard smack. 
I moaned out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. He grabbed my arms pinning them against the hood and began to rub his hard cock against my drenching pussy. My pelvis lurched back, craving him inside me and he smacked my ass hard. “Patience,” he snarled in a sexy voice that made my pussy throb more. He continued teasing me with his sturdy cock and finally gave into my wants. 
He forced himself inside my tight pussy and my moan was loud and full of pleasure. He pounded into me, fucking me hard and deep. My moans grew louder and he forced his fingers into my mouth muffling my cries. I sucked his fingers and tried to run my nails down the hood of the car, desperate to express my pleasure in some way. 

His strokes became slow and deliberate now, as he drove into me and then pulled out, almost leaving my now tender pussy. He switched again and drilled his cock into me harder and harder, pushing my body down onto the car, making me powerless. I couldn’t contain myself anymore..I came around him and he fucked me through my climax. My body intensifying and my moans barely being stifled by his fingers. 
As my body peaked my pussy tightened around his cock, finally collapsing my body onto the car. He pulled out and turned me over so that he could cum on my stomach. I gazed up at him and bathed in the glory and lust that had been the last 30 minutes. After his finished he gazed into my eyes and planted a deep kiss on my lips. “I could definitely get use to that tight little pussy of yours,” he stated playfully. “I guess you’ll have to buy me dinner now to get another taste,” I teased back.


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Lorena was a good friend, we met occasionally to shop or dine. We had a lot in common, both married, with children and to everyone a couple of respectable housewives, with work outside the home, in short wives and exemplary mothers or so we thought one of the other. One Saturday many invited me to stay at home for her husband and children had gone to spend the weekend home of his mother with whom Lorena levaba not very good. When I arrived at about 6 pm I opened the door wrapped in a blanket and unrepaired. 

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Marcela: Hello little friend, and that getup?
Lorena: I had to tell my husband that I was indisposed to insist not to go with them, but give me 15 minutes and I'm ready.
Marcela: What do you have in mind?
Lorena: A type of office recommended a great place.
Marcela: Ready friend, while you're telling me manage.

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 Half an hour later we go in your car like a couple of naughty teens despite my thirty and twenty-six. She wore a white blouse without a bra, too low-cut, which enhanced both the tan of her skin as her generous tits and some shorts that beautifully stripe both brought her beautiful ass. I looked a little more formal with my black dress without a bra one piece too. In any case we were both liadísimas, white and dark looking for some fun that night single. That night we were not ourselves and it was the best between the two had a special complicity for the first time in several months of friendship. We sat at the bar and a few drinks later we were doing confidences we had never dared to ask ourselves.

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Lorena: If you knew Marcela, there are things in my life that I have not told even my best friend, things that if someone would eventually disclose me life, my marriage, everything.
Marcela: We all have our dark side Lorena and do not think it's that bad. I propose a deal, you contás me yours and I will mine.
Lorena: Until a couple of months I had not happened to be unfaithful to my husband but I met a man who made me discover the bitch that's inside me.
Marcela: Want to say your lover led you to do other stuff?
Lorena: Yes, but first as contame you were. Would You put the horns to your husband?
Marcela: Yes, with a couple of his friends I went to bed sometimes.
Lorena: Who are they? Do I know you?
Marcela: I do not think, both were college roommates, one our sponsor marriage, and who's yours?
Lorena: My neighbor Paul, although now the prisoner.
On hearing these words turned pale.
Marcela: It can not be ... you accidentally public accounts on a website?
She quite amazed nodded.
Marcela: So do not tell me anything because it was already all, publish your stories under the nick of Lorraine and stories of what you did would pale to anyone.
Lorena: Well, you know everything, except for some details that has been the story of my recent life.
Marcela: The funny thing about this whole thing is that I publish my stories on the same page, the world is a handkerchief.
Lorena: Hahaha, can not be, and what is your name writer?
Marcela: Horny.
Lorena: Yes, I once read one of your story, about an experience with a woman in your childhood if I remember correctly. By the way I was pretty excited.
Marcela: So both have had to do with women and were not just a holy, and think we were full of modesty. I think from today our friendship will be strengthened.
Lorena: I'm sure of that.

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 He said this at me over the glass in a way that never before had done which caused me a very particular thrill. In fact this woman is too good to pass overlook though I considered heterosexual. It crossed my mind that a taste I would not shell lesbian from one moment to another.

Marcela: It's funny that through our stories we know a little person and we have never dared to tell us anything, are a couple of silly.
Lorena: Yes, but now we can recover the lost time.
And he looked at me that only this time more intensely strange way and I had to look down. there was no escape, that night was going to be memorable.
Marcela: And tell me, Lorena, things you have not done that you'd like to do, what you have not resolved fantasy? Maybe I could help you somehow.
Lorena: One of my fantasies is being raped abruptly and unceremoniously in a lonely alley but do not see how you could help.
Marcela: I do not think it very difficult to realize that fantasy, any man would be happy to stick one cogidita, anywhere, although I do not see what you offer much resistance.
Lorena: You're right, technically would not be a violation but a good fuck with a stranger.
Marcela: That's one of my fantasies, I do it with someone I just met and never see again. That would provide me with an unlimited passion. I would also like to repeat my experience with women.
To realize what he had told me a little embarrassed because it sounded almost like a hint given the circumstances.

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We continue talking and laughing one outside the gaze of a man who was watching us more strongly than others while. I was with a friend who was lying drunk lying on the table and all entertainment was devoted to observe part of the night at two lonely women beautiful bar.

Lesbian sex stories: free sex stories

Finally we paid and left. Outside and she took my hand and led me to the back of the premises. There was a small park, dimly lit, where hardly anyone did not happen at that time. Lorena took the initiative all the time and I liked that it was the first time we were together, and have time to vindicate her. I leaned against a tree and started kissing my neck softly as I caressed both breasts without compunction. I desinhibí a bit and got my hands through her beautiful bare back until the pant. I did not stop there and put both hands in the same squeezing her buttocks and pressing her pubis mine. When this happened both drop a little moan and our mouths gathered anxious. We continue touching over clothes and moving our hips while kissing.

so we lasted for about ten minutes until we were interrupted by the bar man, who was watching us. With a nod threatening that no doubt gave commanded us get on your car and huddle in the rear. Any other woman would have screamed at our place or pataleado but we were so hot for our gropings and the conversation we had previously had not put any qualms. On the contrary, inside the vehicle we will not stop pat even more excited by the danger that ran.

Minutes later the man parked at a hotel on the outskirts of the city and ordered us down. At this time I watched a little better, it was dark, brown eyes, not stuck out his stature and for being very attractive but for their virility. Lorena and I shivered a little though something was happening both wanted for some time.

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The man led us to a room where we did go in and shut the door behind him. He ordered us to undress thing we did without delay. He noted with delight that Lorena was not wearing underwear and just a tiny knickers, which fell to the ground next to the dress. He also undressed, but sat in a chair, not rushed at any as I first thought. Apparently he was not armed and that reassured me.

Outside the man looked at us and ordered from the chair, Lorena we are dedicated to contemplate our naked bodies. Her tits seemed sculpted, were a wonder of nature, just wanted to pose my lips and kiss them one by one, concentrating on each nipple, run my hands through her bare skin and caress like velvet. We collected our bodies and our nipples touched. The man had to order us to do something just because we were only warm our bodies go completely. We lay on top of each other making 69. Lorena had her shaved pussy with a small tuft of hair above the cave. I had completely wild and natural, but soft furry fur. Promptly we began to lick our chuchitas each other using for this our language and abundant saliva. I can not say that excited me, if Lorena test the shell or what she was doing me in mine or feel observed by the stranger who had the cock to burst and shook her on the couch. My tongue got caught in the small clump of brown hair from my friend and abundant fluids I had completely soaked. With both hands had gripped her hips to bring it closer to me. She in turn licked me relentlessly sticking his tongue as deeply as possible into my cave and rubbing her labia with his.

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Suddenly Lorena was over he lifted his face bathed in my fluids and told the guy if he wanted to join the party or just thought observe, or if he had had the guts to bring us both "to force" but not for us pija the two for all our holes until we ordered clemency. The without thinking twice approached Lorena behind without contemplating any thrust his poronga the ass thinking this give you a little lesson, but this little bitch had the ass more than I used to give him all possible cock is more, he loved that caught by the ass. I kept below Lorena and before my eyes was a beautiful show, his little cave completely open, wet and flushed and her ass rammed by a dick medium sized, fat and venous. Balls man almost collided with my face at which took the opportunity to give a few licks, without neglecting even a centimeter of the shell of Lorraine.

Among the unknown and I managed to make it end a few times between moans and breathy sighs and man was not far behind, finishing in the ass of Lorena to her delight and tease out the cock were dripping a few drops of semen that fell in my mouth wide open. No sooner had she taken off from the cock of the type turned and licked grateful until he left sparkling clean, minutes after list again for action. This time it was my turn to enjoy a little more of the cock of the individual, when he was completely hard he approached me.

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 It got me through the wet vulva which offered little resistance as they had long been waiting some cock. He moved like a man possessed over me, while Lorena meanwhile, made me see stars sucking tits. His tongue was fighting with my nipples first one, then the other, engulfing his thick, wet lips. With one of my hands I reached the clitoris of Lorraine to give it a massaged her favors to thank why the three arrived almost at the same time to the peak of ecstasy. We lay in bed exhausted, the man in the middle with the poronga lying in one of his legs and look of satisfaction. We with wild hair and tanned face smeared all body fluids imagined.

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It still looked beautiful and stroked her face spending my arm around the man's chest and knew his name which made our experience more interesting. Minutes later I stepped on his knees in the middle of the two and began to masturbate, slowly at first to warm them and then speed up. He wanted to be an octopus at that time to fondle elsewhere simultaneously but this was not necessary because began to fondle and kiss still lying as I continued up and down my right hand by piece rate and getting two or three fingers of my left hand for the warm cave of Lorraine. Both looked like a pair of frogs, with wide open legs, moaning excited and eager to change position. The man took the initiative and kneeled indicating to us that we we placed both on all fours, one beside the other. He began to give us dick in shape, thrusting cock one and then the other while we were playing us. Minutes later he gave us warm milk in our rear, which spread abundantly far reached.

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 After this we dress and asked the man to take us back to the bar to find the car of Lorraine. Along the way we said we were few females in every sense of the word, the best whores had in a long time and it would be a pleasure to repeat. We know that what we did that night with him so was that we were not interested even know his name. We said goodbye man and left quickly, taking care not follow us. Upon arriving home we got naked in his bed and spent the night hugging and giving kisses. Lorraine that day became not only my best friend but my lover and confidant and I in his.

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My step-mom is very beautiful lady, young and hot stepmom wanted to have sex with me. When I saw my stepmom's boobs and her sexy body I can't stop myself, so I have sex with my stepmom. She always wants to get fucked by me hardly. My dad wasn't able to give her enough fucking as she needs. So I have done my dad's job by fucking my stepmom everyday.
I stand 5'11" above the ground and have a good built, however not of a footballer. Most people enjoy my company and I get around well with both, boys and girls. My parents broke up when I was 12 and my father sent me to a hostel. I studied there for 4 years after which I again started living with my father. Our relationship developed into a mature one and I started looking forward to him not only as a father but also as a friend and a guide.

Three months back my father married a girl Betty. I say girl because she was just 24 and looked even younger than that. She was very short and had a petite frame. At 5'3" she still looked like another high school student and could easily pass as one. But only a few days after the marriage, my father was promoted and had to immediately leave for Britain.
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I felt sad as my father caught his flight, but my animal instincts made me feel gleeful at the prospect of being alone with my new mom. My mom was a very naïve and looked after me as her real son, unaware of my feelings towards her. I saw that she was still raw and youthful. I knew that though she was still a child, but was sure I wouldn't be able to get to fuck her easily. Hence, I decided to play with her and later trick her into the bed. I hadn't formulated any proper strategy of how I was going to do this, hence decided to follow my instincts.

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We had just returned from the airfield, when my mother suddenly burst out crying. She fell into my arms weeping on my shoulders. Pulling her closer to myself I started caressing her back and found she was without any bra. "Calm down mom, its part of life. I now you must be sad but still you've got me." As I said this, I gripped her tightly pushing her boobs against my chest. I felt them rising as she breathed. My eyes were transfixed on her cleavage, out of which the tops of her breasts were plainly visible.

She stopped crying and washed here face. Her expressions made it apparent that she was embarrassed. Bringing her ass near me she mumbled a sorry. Holding her hand, I said, " Come on, after all you are my mother." A nineteen year old with a mother of twenty-four who could comfortably pass as his date, I thought to myself. "Why don't you go to your room, let me fix today's dinner." I asked her aloud. Nodding she went to her room.

"Dinner's ready!" I called out to her. She appeared in the doorway wearing a white robe, which I recalled as the one given to her by my father. I soon realized that she was out of her mind, or who else would wear a translucent gown without a bra?

The outline of my stepmom's boobs was clearly visible, while her pink nipples could also be seen through the thin fabric. As I sat down on the table, the robe parted revealing her left tit. I hastily sat down trying to hide my erection. Lost in her thoughts she didn't pay the least attention to dress. This is the perfect time to enter her juicy cunt, my mind screamed. I smiled to myself, knowing that I could easily trick her to allow my rod to enter into my stepmom's pussy.

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"You look bushed, mom," I spoke, " I am sure you could do with some wine. It will help your nerves to unwind, and you would loosen up relieving you of this anxiety." I got up before she could utter a single word and walked over to the bar. My stepmom's tit still hung limply, while she stared at the ceiling. Taking her glass, I put a little wine into it, along with a liberal amount of a strong whiskey. I took the glass over to the table.

"Here have some." I said in the most affectionate and loving tone to her. My stepmom initially resisted but I was finally able to persuade her to drink. Taking one big gulp she drained the contents of the glass into her mouth. Immediately I got another, which she drank without hesitation. Now I started serving her neat and within another three drinks she was completely smashed. Her eyelids drooped and she stuttered. My step-mother took a deep breath and leaned back. This pulled her robe further apart exposing one of her breasts completely, while the other hung in a tantalizing way.

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"How about watching a movie?" I proposed. Nodding her head, she said, " put on an interesting one." I went to my room and came back with a hardcore, in which a mother fucks her son. I hadn't seen a hotter movie in my entire life. " I hope you can bear something hot and sizzling." I said giving her a questioning look. "I can bear children, then this is just a movie," she answered, along with a sluttish smile. I switched on the movie and sat down on the floor, in front of the sofa. Mom came and sat down next to me, with her tits now visible only partially.

"It's hot here, do you mind me loosening up a little" and with that my step-mother opened her robe generously. Both her tits were now peeking from the robe. She shifted a bit, which now almost completely bared her breasts. My dick was chocking inside my pants, but I didn't do any thing to hide my erection, which was clearly visible. "I'll also loosen up a bit," I told her as I removed my shirt and pants. I was now sitting in underwear, with my mom next to me in a negligee of a gown, with both her melons staring at my face.

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"Can you please massage my legs a bit, especially my thighs as it has been a tiring day." My stepmom said looking at me with a motherly smile. Without waiting for a reply she spread her legs a little. "If you want to be massaged, you'll have to do it my way." I told her. "It's fine with me" she answered, her motherly smile giving way to sluttish one. As if waiting for that reply, I quickly removed her gown uncovering her beautiful legs and then started pulling her panties down. I was on cloud nine; the world's most beautiful woman, incidentally she was my mother, was sitting next to me, completely nude, as if waiting for someone to fill her cunt. "You must be feeling a little uncomfortable, maybe I'll give you company" I said as I pulled down my underwear revealing my bulging penis. She gasped, with her eyes transfixed on my rod, which was now over 7". I placed my left hand on one of her thighs, while pushing the other towards her stunning cunt. I spread her legs wide apart exposing her completely. Her pussy was hot and wet as I started probing her. Unable to control herself she jumped on me, grabbing my penis.

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"I am your mother, and I should direct you" she said in a passionate voice. Taking my penis she, started licking it rolling her bitchy tongue all over it. Mad with lust I pulled her boobs and started massaging them, pinching her nipples along with. She moaned with ecstasy as I started licking them, while I played with her cunt. Her breath became heavy, as my dick almost choke her. She sucked it as if in frenzy making me shoot cum in her mouth. Grabbing her pussy I started licking it as her moans became louder and louder. She grabbed my butt and pulled it towards her kissing me wildly all over. Excited she drowned me in her juices, as I drank honey out of her cunt.

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"I want you in me right now" she ordered, pulling my cock towards her slit. Grabbing my dick she deftly guided it into her pussy. Clutching her butts I slammed my dick into her tight pussy, pulling her breasts as if wanting to tear them apart. She cried and moaned simultaneously. I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy as she shouted to me to slow down. I squirted in her pussy filling it up with my semen. We lay exhausted she still lying in my arms.

Lifting her I took her to the bathroom and washed her, still staring at her beautiful body. I slid the gown onto her and tucked her in the bed.

My stepmom wants to have sex with me regularly!
Next morning I didn't know whether she would remember anything or not. My pulse quickened as I saw her coming down the stairs. "What happened lat night? I don't remember clearly." She asked me. "Nothing you went to sleep while watching TV and then I took you to your room." I said giving her a smile. "I must have slept like a mouse I believe, moreover I had some sweet dreams." She spoke. I smiled slyly as she started moving towards the kitchen.

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A dad raped his daughter. "Daddy Fuck me Hard" She moaned. This is not imagine. Its real! Lets read the dad & daughter fucking story from the daughter. >> My dad raped me and I got pregnant. I had enjoyed while my dad was fucking me, but now what to do? Now I can feel the pain of having sex with dad. It was very unexpected. My dad fucked me just to check my virginity. I was virgin girl. my dad fucked me with his 9 inch ...... 

It happen went i was 16, on my birthday. My dad ask me to give a tea to my mother was sitting in the sofa watching tv. I didn't know he put half of night liquid medicine in there. I was 5'3 I have small  tits weight 80 pound. Went i gave my mom tea she finish it in 3 minute she fell asleep. I try to wake her up but she won't wake up. My dad grab me behind me with no shirt but pant on. He was in his 35, 200 pound. He slap me i fell on the floor came top of me rip my shirt and start grab my tits hard sucking and biting my nipples i was crying then he french kiss me while he remove my skirt and panty. 

I was crying tell him to stop. He put his tongue in my pussy i was crying loud my mom didn't wake up. Than he put his cock in my mouth i didn't open my mouth  and he pinch my nose i couldn't breath. Dad fucked his daughter. Dad fucked his daughter.

I open mouth he put in all the way my throat. He was fucking my mouth very hard in and out than he put his nasty salty cums and make swallow it. I almost vomit but i knew he will punish more and then he said i know you got your period and now is time to be a mom. I was a virgin. He laid me down than he put his 9 inch start fucking me hard i scream in pain. Blood all his penis and toll me congratulation your are a woman. He start fucking me more harder and harder he said im going to cum. I ask not in me, i told him let swallow it but he said no is time for you be a mommy. 

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I scream dad nooooo!!! my mom still out. He scream here come your baby he cum inside of me. We both fell asleep in the floor. My mom wake up and find us naked in the floor. She was mad start to scream my dad blame me that i was the one who put the sleeping medicine in the tea and ask to fuck him. I said my mom he did it and he rape me. My mom believe him slap me and told my dad pervert and said you want this slut keep her im leaving.  My dad fucked me, I love having sex with dad.

My dad fucked me, I love having sex with dad. 

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She pack her clothed and left. I went to the bathroom crying because my mom call me slut and took a bath. The next two day my mom file for a divorce and let my dad custody.One night i was getting sick vomiting. My dad brought me pregnancy test i took it. I went to my dad and told him is positive. He took me to the doctor to make sure and doctor said yes i was pregnant. We went to the car my dad start crying and apologize said that he was drunk. He said im going to drop you to your grand mom and turn my self in. I said daddy no i want to confess and told him i enjoying everything. There i unzip his pant in his car and suck him. He was moaning. He was fucking throat me i was gaggling.Than he cum and swallow everything. All 9 month sleeping same bed.  O daddy fuck me more... o daddy fuck me more...

I gave birth a baby girl. And private doctor came to the house for me guive birth. After that my dad gave him a 1000 dollar for the job plus i gave the doctor a blowjob. My dad ask me to marry him. We move to new place no one knows us except the neighbor he was a retire minister that marry my mom and my dad. We told if he marry me and my dad my dad will pay him 1000 dollar plus i will give him a blowjob. But he said 1000 dollar plus three fuck. Me and my dad agree. We sign the marriage certificate and the minister did the ceremony. Right there i gave my minister a blowjob took me to his house and we fuck. Than took shower in his house cross the street and fuck my new husband my dad. We fuck all day. The next day my dad wake me up and told me not to forget the deal with the minister. While he went to work i went cross the street and fuck twice to end the deal. Oh daddy fuck me hard... oh yahh daddy fuck me hard....

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I got pregnant again i was 17 told my dad is not the father is the minister. We move to another state and gave births to twin boys. My dad know he not the father but they kept my dad last name. Me my dad was marry for 20 year. Have 5 more children. Three girls and 2 boys. My dad was 56 went he died in a car accident i was 36. I went to look the father of the twins the minister he was 80. I found him got marry with him told him that the twins is his

Got three more children twin boy and girl and a boy.We we're marry for 6 year. Went he turn 86 he took his Viagra we we we're fucking and have a heart attack took him to the hospital let my neighbor babysit at the hospital he got a stroke. His doctor was the doctor came my house deliver the my baby. 

He was same age of my dad. He told the news that he got a stroke he can't move his arm or can't talk. I told the doctor to lock the door and fuck me in front of him. I took my clothes off he remove his pant fuck me doggy style my husband was crying having a affair in front of him but he can do nothing. 
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I send my husband to a nursing home and got marry to the doctor and file for a divorce my ex husband left him in a nursing home. I have 4 more children with my new husband the doctor 3 boy and one girl. My dad fucked me, I love having sex with dad. Dad fuck me hard.. fuck me harder daddy....

I call my mom to apologize for fuck my dad. She got remarry with my uncle my dad brother.

My mom knew about the accident she saw it in the news. My mom know i have children with my dad and she hugs her all. She told me meet your brothers and sisters. She got 3 girls and 2 boys. I hugs them all. I introduce my mom my new husband the doctor. And know im 50 and my husband 70. Happy marry with 11 children.
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Sex with my horny stepmom: I still could not believe I had fucked my step mom. I had fucked my step mom last night. My father had been found fucking his secretary in step mom’s bed when mom came back from her school an hour before her school time. My mother Rupali is a school teacher and my dad is a lawyer. As soon as I entered the house my step mom was screaming,” Ramesh mere ghar se dafa ho jayo. Jayo uss randi ke pass jisski chut tujhe mujh se achhi lagati hai.

Mere samne ussko behan kehte thay, apni behan ko chodte sharam nahin aaayi? Ab apni behan ko hi chodo, chale jayo mere ghar se!!! (Ramesh get out of my house. Go to that whore whose pussy you like more than mine. You called her your sister before me. Don't you feel shame for fucking your sister? Get out. Fuck your sister!!!)” Dad thought it wise to leave. May be tomorrow mom will cool down.

But at night my step mom took a bottle of whiskey and drank some of it. My step mom began to mutter “Rahul, tera baap behnchod hai (Raj your dad is a sister fucker!!)” I was dying of shame but I had to put mom into bed. When she could not stand, I carried her in my arms to her bed. I must tell you that I had a big erection carrying her. Stepmom is damn sexy, with long legs, nice medium boobs and a lovely ass. 
My Stepmothers boobs are 36! 

As I put her down, She had her arms around my neck while my hand rested on her stomach. I don't know what came over her and she kissed me on the mouth, “Ramesh, you bastard, make love to me forget that whore I am your wife give your cock to your wife, your wife has a right on your cock Ramesh sale chod mujhe (fuck me). My step Mom thought that I was her husband and she was begging me to fuck her.

When mother orders, who was I to disobey? I switched off the light so that she may not stop me from fucking her if she recognized me. By the time I was back in bed, she had pulled off her gown and was naked. In the dim light of the street bulb, I could see her white naked body, her boobs heaving up and down; I took off my clothes in record time. My cock was like a pole. I am 20 year old man with a solid 7 inches cock.

I know how to use it to the best advantage see my cock Rup, it is dying to enter you! Do you want it? I imitated my dad as he often calls mom “Rup. Mom screamed,’ Han haramzade, Ramesh, tera ye lund ab mera hai. Apna lund jaldi se meri chut mein ghsed dal, please! (Yes you bastard, Ramesh, this cock of yours is mine. Put this cock into me, please!) I obliged and put it where mom wanted it. We fucked like animals, loving, scratching each other,
 moaning and groaning as I went on pounding mom’s Pussy and she went on screaming. I did not last long as I was too excited. The thought that I was fucking my own mother made me cum too fast. I came and lay on top of mom and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I woke at 6 in the morning but then mom was not in bed. I played with my cock and got a big erection at the thought of new possibilities today. I had my own mother as my new lover. I had fucked her once, she can not say no now.

I just then I heard my step mom in the kitchen. Naked I went there. She stood with her sexy ass towards me. She wore the same transparent gown that she had worn last night. I hugged her from behind, the head of my throbbing dick pressing into the crack of her lovely ass ooooohhh what is this Rahul! What are you doing? Behave yourself! She said angrily. Come on mom, you know what we did last night and you loved me in bed. You needed me Mom and I love you.

It was awesome I have never felt as excited as I was in your arms mom I love you I will always love you come on mom, lets fuck, feel my cock how hard it is for you? I pushed my cock harder into her ass. Without thinking, mom moaned as I cupped her boobs but she murmured, No, you motherfucker what we did was wrong, I was drunk and I was jealous of your bastard father the fucking bastard is nothing to me! Sex with my naughty stepmom. Sex with my naughty stepmom.

I brought my hand down to mom’s pussy. My step mom had not tried to remove my hands from her body. I think mom’s body was responding positively to my physical contact. Mom, yes I am a mother fucker! I am a motherfucker because my mom is so hot, I love fucking you mom, look at my cock it wants you, mom! Mom seemed to be aroused by my hand on her pussy for I could feel wetness over her gown.

She moaned as she said ooooohhhh Rahul, take me to bed make love to me now so that I can see my son make love, show your father you can do what he failed to do fuck me son, my motherfucking son, fuck me! I carried her to her bed and removed her gown. My mother lay naked before me like a slut, dying for a cock. I touched her pussy and rubbed her cunt lips. Your pussy is flowing like a river, mom!

Mom groaned loudly, don’t tease son. Rahul, please put it inside me, she begged. Put what inside, mom? I asked her, your penis. Please, son! Don’t make me beg for your cock, she pleaded my penis? I teased her, both verbally and physically you were calling it my lund last night.Tell me what you want and where you want it, I placed my hands under mom’s soft ass and lifted her cunt upwards.

Ohhhh you motherfucker, put your lund in my choot. Is it what you want to hear, you bastard? Yess put your lund in mom’s choot. Haan maderchod meri choot mein mein apna lund pel (yes motherfucker put your cock in mom’s cunt) I gripped her ass tightly and pushed my cock into her went pussy. I entered in one smooth thrust. I felt her vaginal lips clutch around my thick shaft.

My Stepmom's lovely breasts heaved up and down. Mom’s cunt was gripping my cock hard and squeezed it oooooo...., yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me son, fuck me you mother fucker! .....oooooo, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me hard... fuck me son, fuck me you mother fucker... oooooo...., yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me son, fuck me you mother fucker! .....oooooo, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me son, fuck me you mother fucker... She was chanting ooohhhh! As my stepmother wanted I fucked my step mom. 

Put it all in, son, put your fat cock in mom’s cunt, Rahul, she moaned in a trembling voice, fuck me, son. My cock was coated thickly with her cream by now. My mother loved cock. She loved fucking, to be fucked. If she weren’t my mother, I’d think she was a whore. Mom, you are wet but tight ohhh mom, I love you, I love your pussy my cock is in my mom’s choot all the way
I moaned as the swollen crown of my cock dived into her gaping pussy. I’m fucking you Rupali, I told her.

My Stepmom's lovely breasts heaved up and down. Mom’s cunt was gripping my cock hard and squeezed it oooooo...., yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me son, fuck me you mother fucker! .....oooooo, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me son, fuck me you mother fucker... oooooo...., yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me son, fuck me you mother fucker! .....oooooo, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me son, fuck me you mother fucker... She was chanting ooohhhh! I was plunging my hard cock deeper and deeper with every stroke. Then my finger brushed against her asshole. Sex with my naughty step mom.

Ooooooh, nooo!!!! The ring of mom’s anus was puckering convulsively. For a moment, I watched my stepmom's body stiffen as I pumped steadily in and out of her. The thought of last night, came back to my mind and I wanted to possess her completely. Breathing harder, I fucked my step mom like a whore you motherfucker! Oh you fuck! Rupali screamed, convulsing strongly in orgasm around my cock. 

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Her voice was loud and her breathing ragged. She was certainly enjoying it now”Oh, shit, I am cumming, son give all your cock to moma, my son, fickl your whore harder, deeper! Mother said, muscles of her cunt felt like a soft wall around my thick shaft as I fucked her. Ohhh she moaned “Your fucking cock is fucking me. It is fucking killing me! Feeling aroused and horny, I fucked my mother with my taboo cock. She began to cum wildly bucking her ass up. I fucked her like an animal. I fucked my stepmom. I fucked my step mom.

Then her body slumped slowly but my cock was stll hard in my mother’s cunt. I was still moving in her cunt. Bas beta aur nahin main jhar gayi bas Rahul (stop it, son, no, I have cum!) then I thought what I wanted to do. I pulled out of her cunt and placed my wet cock head in front of her mouth. I wanted her to suck me to climax. Rupali looked up and saw the pink shiny head of my cock aiming at her face. She stared at me questioningly
Suck my cock and make me cum I want to see you play with your clit, mom, I said. With my swollen cock-head in her face, she was eager to obey. Suck my cock, mother and play with your pussy. I want you to cum with me again, mother! I caught her by the hair and pulled her mouth on my cock. She took my cock in her hungry mouth like whore. I felt like slapping her face. She swallowed my whole cock in her mouth and sucked on it. I fucked my stepmom. I fucked my step mom.

Play with your cunt, mom. I want to se you cum again! She obeyed me. I saw her put two fingers deep into her cunt and finger it, and then a third finger entered it. Tell me, mom, how do you like my cock in your mouth? I asked slapping her face lightly. Mmmmm, aaarrrg, oohhhh, yes! She was making sounds; I’m going to cum all over your, Rupali! Oh, your cock is soooo sweet, you bastard! Oh motherfucking bastard, I love you. I fucked my stepmom. I fucked my step mom.

I slapped her harder now as I began to cum. She sucked my cock and abused me. Her curses made me even more aroused as I began shooting thick wads of my semen splashing into her mouth and onto her face. She gagged and choked as some of my cum spread on her face. I pumped spurt after spurt of hot cum onto her naked body, her tits, stomach as I finished, I pulled her close to me. We were both breathing deeply.  My step mom enjoyed sex with me. I love to fuck my step mom.

You are divine, mother, I told her and it’s time for us to take a shower together. I hope your son was not a bad fuck. She smiled at me, pressing her damp, cum covered face into my wide chest. I held her tightly, feeling my satisfied mother gently shiver and comforted after our rough animal fuck. You, are a motherfucker, but you are a darling, Rahul, she murmured, you have a wonderful cock. Do you guys ever fucked step mom? Please share with me.

I Fucked My Brother: Horny Step Sister's Pussy Wants More

My Step Brother So handsome. I'm his step sister Maria. If a step brother fuck his step sister does it any Sin? I thought this always. One day I got the chance to get fucked by my step brother, I knew he also wanted to fuck me. 
Can you imagine that a step sister sex story can make you wet just for reading the step sister sex story?  

I'm a 16 year old girl. Four months ago I was in a relationship with a boy who I study with, he took my virginity but it wasn't working out. He turned me into a nymph, I would miss him purely because I wanted sex. Two months ago, I was sitting in the living room at 1am watching the TV, I have a really bad sleeping pattern and I'm always up this late... 

My step brother came into the living room (my brother has recently turned 18, we are not blood related, he is technically my brother in law but we have grown up together, pretty much) Anyway he came in, usually he's in bed by 10pm because he goes to work early in the morning but it was a Saturday, I just assumed nobody would come down downstairs so I was sitting there in a little baggy t-shirt wearing nothing else. He was like "I can't sleep, do you want a cup of tea?" I said yes and then we sat on the sofa drinking tea and watching television. 

English Sex Stories: Sex with my horny step sister

My head was on his shoulder and I felt him peering down at my breasts, I had no bra on and my nipples were poking through my shirt. I giggled and told him to stop looking, but I loved the attention. I could feel myself getting wet, and I could tell from his energy that he was getting turned on too. His fingers were running along my arm and we were laughing at the TV, I got up to go grab a DVD purposely so I could bend down and he would see that I was wearing no panties. (Oh gosh sexy step sister's pussy, just can't wait)

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I could feel his eyes burning on my body as I bent down and exposed myself. He said "shit, sorry!" and kept stumbling on his own words, and I told him I didn't mind. I went back over and sat by him and he gazed into my eyes and we started kissing, it felt so good in the weirdest way. There was so much love and passion in the kiss. He started feeling my nipples through my shirt and he got on top of me, kissing my neck and lips. I took his shirt and boxers off, rubbing his dick as he kissed and sucked on my nipples. I led his hand to my pussy and he was shocked at how tight and wet I was, I wanted him to taste me so bad. I didn't even need to ask, he started licking my clit and teasing my pussy, looking up at me as I was moaning and groaning. I asked him to stick his tongue inside me and fuck me with his tongue, god it felt incredible. 

I came all over his lips and chin, he brought his dick to my face and I started licking and sucking, whispering that I loved him. He opened my legs so wide and pushed himself inside me, we were both so breathless and I was begging him to fuck me harder, and harder. It was the best fucking thing I've ever felt in my life! He took his dick from my pussy and pushed it into my mouth, cumming inside my lips. I swallowed, we laid next to each other catching our breaths and there was nothing uncomfortable about the situation. We looked at each other and kissed. For the past 2 months, every night when nobody is around, we have been having the best sex. 

I know this is wrong. sometimes I feel guilt and angry at myself that I give in to this temptation every night, but then when I feel wet and my brother is eating me, I remember we are not technically related in any way, and whilst we're screwing each other, we feel so much love inside of us that I don't know whether this is so bad after all. 

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